Terms & Conditions


The terms of use mentioned here comprise a legal and enforceable contract between our company and its clients. If you choose to initiate a contract or opt to use our services, then it is in your best interest to read these terms and conditions carefully. All our services are paid and included in various packages offered by the company. If you do not agree with our terms of providing services, it will be difficult for us to provide services to you or resolve any kind of technical issue which you might be facing.

The plans which we offer for our services are valid for a particular amount of period. The company does not warrant refund of fees if you fail to utilize the services in the given period. We update our policy from time to time without any prior notice, so it will be in your best interest if you keep up with the updates. We are committed towards providing best services while keeping in mind the customer privacy. All the personal data collected and stored from our consumers will only be used to provide them satisfactory services.

The entire request from our company regarding the online technical support will be recorded for security and privacy purposes. The only information asked from the clients will be the necessary information required to complete the transaction of services. It is in the hands of the clients to decide whether they want to proceed with the services which require them to disclose personal information. It should be noted that without the required information from the clients, the online support services will not be initiated from our company.

  1. Personal Information - The company may require asking about the client's personal information like name, age, contacting details, emailing etc for the authentication of the already registered users as well as the new ones. We do not randomly call our users. For any assistance, our clients can contact our email support toll free number 1800-431-448. For the registration purposes, the customer is required to share their personal information as mentioned above. We would be suing the provided information to contact the client and deliver our technical support services. The information may also be used to inform about the plan changes, new updates, change in services, new offers etc., which may be of benefit to the customers.
  2. Financial Information - If a customer opts for our services, we do not ask for their financial information over the call or by any email. The information is entered by the users themselves. If you are asked to provide your information through a call or email, posing to be from our company, you are immediately required to contact our toll free number on 1800-431-448 and register a complaint about it. We may use third party gateways to process your credit cards, debit cards, or online transfers for billing purposes. Any and all payment detail and financial information provided by the customers is not shared to any one and is completely safe. We employ encryption methods to ensure maximum privacy for such sensitive information.
  3. Commercially reasonable effort - Our company has a professional team of experts who are highly trained, experienced and certified to provide best possible solutions to resolve any technical issue. If due to any reason, our technician is unable to solve your issue, you would not be liable for any charges.
  4. Availability of services - There may be chances that due to difference in geographical region, some offers may not be available in your region. All the clients are required to check the availability of a particular plan before opting for it.
  5. Termination of services - Our company has the right to terminate our services to a particular client if we receive information that our services are used for some other purposed. We provide our services only to the customers who have subscribed for our services.
  6. Device Information
  • Customer Computer - We ask information about the customer computer. This may include information about the device, type of device, purchase date, identification number, configuration as well as model, softwares and hardware attached. All this information is required to provide best possible solutions to the technical issues faced by the customers.
  • Remote Access - In case of a technical emergency or to provide service instantly, the customers may ask to allow access to their computer to our technical expert, who can resolve issues remotely. They are not allowed to access the customer's computer unless they are granted with their consent. We are to ensure that none of the client's personal information will be harmed or used in any manner. If you see any suspicious activity in that aspect, you should inform us immediately.

By agreeing to all these terms, you are allowing our technicians to provide best possible tech support and resolve any issues which you might be facing.

If a customer entertains any fraud calls, our company is not responsible or liable in any court of law, in any circumstances. We never ask for financial information through calls or email or repeated payments from our clients. If you come across any such incident, we suggest our customers to immediately report it by calling our toll free number at 1800-431-448. We would like to encourage all our customers to not share their financial information with anyone pretending to be from our company.