Refund Policy


We are an independent technical support company that strives to provide the best solutions to resolve your problems. As per your refund policy, it can be issued under the following circumstances.

  • For subscription based mostly plans, a refund is issued if the client provides a sound reason for the discontentment with the services at intervals initial thirty days of the subscription. Failing to try and do this can lead to no refunds in the least.
  • Refund can also be issued if our technicians fail in troubleshooting even one technical issue which you might be facing. In such a case, you are required to pass on this information through our toll free number 1800-431-448.
  • If there is some glitch in the system at the time of payment and something goes wrong from our end, then the client's are eligible for refund.

Cancellation policy

As per our company policy, the consumer can cancel their services at any point of time if they feel the need to or not satisfied with the services provided by our company. If any customer at any point feels that our services are not reaping any benefits for them, they can go ahead and cancel their services.

Data Backup

Customers are solely responsible for maintaining the backup of all the information, data, softwares etc present in their computers. Our company and technicians have no responsibility or liability in case of any data loss or corruption of customer data while resolving the technical issues. We do not provide separate backup copies or support installation of unlicensed softwares to the consumers.